Dream Pictures

Well, Hello again. :D
I edited some pictures, I know its "over edited" bur somehow I like it, idk why. :$
The pictures were shoot from my mother or me :3

I never know what to do with them, because posting on Facebook isn't really a thing with that kind of photos. So I just post them here :3

Most of them were taken in Denmark, btw.

February Gt.

So, Hello! 
I'm so tired omg, I don't even know why. I woke up at 11pm :D
I wanted to show you some photos from the last "Gruppentreff" I went to. :D  It was at the beginning of February.

And when you are from Germany and saw yesterday the Eurovision Song Contest "Vorentscheid" (:D) you know the winner was the cute Jamie-Lee. She also went to the "Gt" and here is a selfie with her. c:

Have a nice day, cutiepies!

International Harajuku Fashionwalk Germany

Hello :) 
Last year, the 26.07.2015 I went to the harajuku Fashionwalk in Germany
It was organized by the Decorangers c:

I posted a few other pictures in an other post.
Here is a video from it (its not made by me, its made by the Decorangers)

Ello c: 
I hope you all are ok. :) I just wanted to show you some old photos of me.
I didn't have my dreads back then. 
I wore clip in extensions which I got from an ebay shop. I dyed them with directions and curled them :) 
The cardigan is selfmade. 
The dress is from ebay and the tights is from a cheap shop, i don't remember. :D
The shoes are from EMP. I have them since I'm sixteen. 

The photos were shot in Denmark.


Hello :) 
I just wanted you to show my dog. :3 I love him so much, he is the cutest thing ever okok.

Decora-Style :3

Hey. :D
Well the blog is like 5 minutes old and I already posted a few things.
I just wanted to show you two of my decora-outfits. :)
Its kinda a mix of Fairy Kei and Decora. And a touch of my own style, idk.

The ears are from ebay, you can find them easily.
The bows are from Primark and the bracelets are selfmade.
The onsie is secondhand from my mom c:
The cuffs are selfmade or from ebay. :)
And the facestickers are from woolworth. :D
Shoes from Primark.

Tshirt from storenvy. You can find it somewhere in my envys. :D
"Skirts" from claires and ebay.

Luna D.Light

Well, hello! :3
My name is Luna. I used to have a blog a long time ago. As I got older I deleted it, I didn't have time for it and idk. :D I just didn't like it anymore.
I still have a facebook page.
Luna D.Light:)

And here is my new blog. :D

Oh and thats me x)
Have a nice day.